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Griot’s Corner is a program tailored for K –through 3rd Grade students that uses storytellers and children activities to highlight freedom, acceptance, multiculturalism and citizenship. The “Griot” (ɡrēˈō,ˈɡrēō) is a West African storyteller, historian and/or musician. The griot’s role was to preserve the genealogies and oral traditions of the respective tribe. Griot’s Corner uses the spirit of storytelling to promote literacy and to help young students build strong character traits. This series is especially designed to engage young learners with interactive activities that include reading, creative dramatics, art and music.

This Month's Featured Book:

The Sandwich Swap

November 7 and 14. The Sandwich Swap, by Queen RaniAlAbdullah. The reigning Queen of Jordan, who is also UNICEF’s Official Advocate for Children, has written a funny and truthful story about best friends who disagree (about something silly, of course,) create havoc at school, wind up in the principal’s office, and then try to figure out a way to make things right again. A story we all can relate to leading up to our Thanksgiving holiday.

To make arrangements for your visit to Griot’s Corner, please call us at the offices of Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park, 843-255-7301. or Register here