Griot’s Corner is a program tailored for K - through 3rd Grade students that uses storytellers and children activities to highlight freedom, acceptance,multiculturalism and citizenship. The “Griot” (ɡrēˈō, ˈɡrēō) is a West African storyteller, historian and/or musician.

Author: Ellen Levine Illustrator: Kadir Nelson

The re-telling of the true story of Henry Brown, who was born a slave, but dreamed of freedom all his life. When his family was taken from him, Henry dared to free himself in a daring way.


Enslaved people were brought to this country on ships from Africa starting in 1619. Through the generations of work and limited personal life, most always dreamed of a way that could happen, which is why the people who came to Mitchelville at the time of the Civil War knew what they wanted in a community of their own: family, work for pay, their own homes and gardens, and education.