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The Roots of Reconstruction Tour

Roots of Reconstruction Tour

Mitchelville was established in 1862 as a population center of the Port Royal Experiment. Two years later in 1864 an earthworks fort, Fort Howell, was created to protect Mitchelville from possible confederate raids in 1864. It was these sites that have seen the path of Colored Soliders of the 32nd United States Colored Infantry Regiment from Pennsylvania, Harriet Tubman, General Orsnby Mitchel and more. It was in 1862 that the Penn Center, the first school in the South, for people newly freed from slavery was established on the nearby St. Helena’s Island. It was at Penn Center that a partnership between formerly enslaved African Americans and northern missionaries established a safe haven for the transition from slavery to freedom.

The Roots of Reconstruction Tour explores some of the most significant locations of America’s Reconstruction and its 20th century roll as an incubator for the Civil Rights movement.

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Roots of Reconstruction Tour

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