One of the key tasks of the Mitchelville Preservation Project (MPP) is to create a Master Plan for the creation of Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park. The Park will tell the important story of the "First self-governed Freedmen community in the United States" governed by the themes of "Freedom, Democracy, Citizenship and Opportunity." To make this a reality, MPP has secured $250,000 from the Beaufort County Council to create this Plan that will serve as the official blueprint for the Park. Project goals include a partial reconstruction of the community and other elements aligning with themes that should govern the interpretation of the site. Those themes include: the importance of freedom and education, the significance of property, laws and citizenship, the power of opportunity, everyday life before Reconstruction, and others.

park plan A national Request for Proposals went out earlier this year and presentations took place in late August. We are happy to announce that the conceptual team of WLA Studio, based out of Athens, GA and Proun Design, based out of Somerville, MA, has won the contract for the Master Plan. The process should take about 12 months and work officially begins in November 2018. Stay tuned to this newsletter, the Mitchelville website and Social Media accounts for updates in the process. Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park is on the way!