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Tool Shed

Tools such as the hoe, rake, shovel, axe, pick, flail, whip saw, mortar and pestle, fanner basket, hand saw, and hammer could be found in every family’s tool shed. A variety of tools were also used in manual arts and crafts such as carving tools to produce items as bowls, forks, and spoons made of wood and other items such as mule collars, plaiting baskets, shucking mats, mops, and handles. The craftsmanship of Africans was not limited to smaller utilitarian items.

An example of that craftsmanship can also be seen in the ironwork on housing in places like Charleston. Clearly, the Africans imported into this country had skills that they brought with them. Africans used handicraft skills and worked as tailors, Carpenters, Shoemakers, Bricklayers, Millwrights, Manual makers, Painters, dressmakers, blacksmiths, Mattress makers, Coopers, Cotton menders, Shipwrights, and Locksmiths.

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