Welcome to Historic Mitchelville: the first self-governed town of formerly enslaved people in the United States. Welcome to
Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park
Where Freedom Began
This experiment is to give you freedom, position, homes, your families, property, your own soil. It seems to me a better time is coming … a better day is dawning.” - General Ormsby Mitchel, Founder of Mitchelville Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park captures the energy of its former residents through interactive exhibits, programming, and tours. The Park is located on Hilton Head Island and is open for self-guided and private tours. From rare artifacts to rich oral history, come experience Mitchelville of the past, present, and future.

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Self- Guided Tours

Explore the park at your own pace and leisure. Informative signs and placards are placed around the park to guide your journey. Guided private tours are also available (by reservation only).

Events and Exhibitions

From the Praise House to the Bateau, the park features historical exhibits that will take you back in time, along with events, such as our annual Juneteenth Celebration, to celebrate the present and future.

Become a Citizen

Gain honorary citizenship to the Historic Mitchelville Freedom Park (HMFP) by contributing to our efforts to keep the stories of our ancestors alive.

Hours of Operation

The park is open daily, from 6 AM to 9 PM. Discover the park through our tours, powerful events, or simply bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the beautiful coastline views.

Mitchelville In the News

Introducing Our New Brand

Our journey has taken us from our humble beginnings as a dream of many. Today, we embark on a transformative path, embracing a new look while remaining rooted in our rich heritage.

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Scenes from the Park